Emend Database

The EMEND partners are proud of the core data set that has amassed as a result of this project.  It is one of the largest and most complete databases on boreal forest ecosystems in the world.  A variety of Core Data sets and compartment level summaries are available to EMEND participants once a data-use agreement has been approved.

The EMEND database is maintained by Brad Tomm, Canadian Forest Service, and is housed at the Northern Forestry Centre, Edmonton, AB. All EMEND participants can gain access to the database by contacting Brad (bradley.tomm@canada.ca) and providing him with a username and password of your choice. Registered users can access the database  by contacting Brad Tomm.

Researchers and graduate students can also use the database to update their study information, profiles, publications and presentations. All researchers and students are encouraged to deposit their data into the database for archiving purposes.